July 6, 2010

36th Week Finally Second PCI inspection

Metricon expect us to just handover final payment because on their system the house is complete, this shows they have a lack of communication amongst themselves as I informed my SS last week that we are not happy with the bricks and not to ask for handover or issue final invoice until defects are fixed.

Since this conversation with our SS, Metricon has now sent a us two invoices one last week that afternoon after I spoken to my SS and another this week asking for final payment and saying we have no right to be holding payment as house is complete, this is without us having a second inspection to see if all defects have been rectified.

Finally we are having our second inspection 36 days after the first PCI.

We’ve had to get our independent inspector in to do a follow-up inspection as we feel the builder hasn’t completed all points from our inspectors’ first inspection report, with the most noticeable defects are the bricks and also to check if all the defects we marked with red dots have been fixed.

I have no problem with giving the builder there money, but it looks like they have a problem with fixing our house. We want our house, but only when all defects are fixed, surely this isn't to much to ask for.


  1. Their system is crap sending invoices even work is not completed....
    I feel for you... i am in the same boat waiting for 3 months but nothing is happening at the house
    Now i have asked them to change the site manager becoz he is so lazy not doing any thing not providing any updates and making false promises

    I would say dont let them get off the hook that easily, have everything fixed. Also tell me your Building Inspector info either here or in the forum i will send you the pvt message

  2. We used Peter from Finalinspect, he has been gr8, he picks up everything that isn't in accordance with the standard and tolerance act and give a very detailed report, we would get his report within 48hrs the latest.

    He came highly recommended, maybe not the cheapest guy out there but my partner and I both feel it was money well spent.

    If you don’t know what to look for the builders get away with a lot defects