May 27, 2010

30th Week PCI date booked

It’s finally come after all these weeks of waiting; we received a phone call yesterday from our SS to let us know that they were ready for a walk through inspection. After a few phone calls, ring up our independent inspector and SS, we have come up with a date and time; Tuesday 1st June 2010 @ 11am will have our walk thru inspection. My partner and I are excited and with all fingers crossed and hopefully it all passes and goes well.

I'll have my camera with me this time!!! lol

May 8, 2010

27th Week Our House to date

Went to the house today after being upset with what our SS had said to my partner the other day.
I wanted to see what the bricks looked like after the spot clean, to my amazement the bricks have come up ok, the discolouring of the bricks on the street side of the house are nearly unnoticeable. There are still bricks which are green, white and discoloured, but hopefully after the next water wash they should come up the goods. Still not over the moon about the bricks, will just have to wait and see what they look like at the time of our PCI.

Looking at the front of the house you can see a section of bricks where the brick cleaner used as a test patch, these bricks are not wet they are now a diffrent colour.

This was the side of the house where I took my brick pictures in the earlier post and you saw the discolouration, this was the side which had us worried. The brick have come up ok since the last wash, but we still have white and green bricks and dark coloured mortar.
Sorry not the clearest of pictures to see the brick work. You can clearly see the test patch from this picture.

If you click on the pic it should enlarge and you can see where they have done patch up work on the mortar. Fingers crossed that the colour will be blended in by the time we have our PCI.

Hoping after the next wash the brick come up tops as they just look dirty and old at the current moment also having a wet muddy block of land dosen't help with the look. Looks like I'll be installing agi-pipes after handover.
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May 6, 2010

27th Week Brick Issue

We had a phone call from our SS and he had informed us that his inspectors went through the house and found things wrong with the house and need to be rectified before PCI.

With our brick situation our SS supervisor is say our bricks are the way they are and there the bricks we chose and they’re going to be washed one more time with water and that's it. He also told my partner something along the lines of that the reason we are making a fuss about the bricks is because maybe we don’t like the bricks we chose anymore. He also told her that there are a few houses within the estate that have used the same bricks and have had the same problems and that the owners have rendered their own house after handover because they weren’t happy with the bricks. That's not our problem!!!! How dear he throws this back on to us, that is a very low act and he will be receiving a phone call from me personally.

Our independant inspector is aware of the brick situation and he has a few options for the builder. I will take a firm stance with this if we are not satisfied with the bricks. I'll tell my inspector that the builder will have three options; 1) Pull down the bricks and start again 2) Render the whole house at there own expense. If they object to any of the first two options and hopefully it dosen't go down this path as our build has been good to date, even when it taking Metricon forever to build the house, then option 3) Going to VCAT before getting their final payment and give them option 1 as the only option. Hopefully it dosen't get to this as we just want our bricks to look respectable.