July 14, 2010

37th Week Progress

After our first inspection we gave a copy of the report to the builder so he could fix all the defects found.

We had our second inspection last Wednesday and without surprise, there were still outstanding defects still needing to be fixed from our inspector’s first inspection report.

This is what really upset my partner and me; it took nearly a month after the first PCI to hear back from the builder to say that all defects on the report are now fixed. Does he think we are stupid, we could clearly tell that nothing was done on the outside of the house and he insisted that everything possible was done and it was time to do handover. This was the reason why we had to get our inspector in to do a follow-up inspection.

After our second PCI, we gave another copy of the report to our SS and this time a copy to his manager and our CSO, so they can see where we are coming from and the reason why we are not settling.

I went passed the house yesterday and saw progress, the patches of mortar which stood out from the road, had been blended in and not as noticeable.

The bricks at the front of the house still have water stains on them and they need to be fixed before handover. If they are not I will only do handover with the General Manager on site and if he/she would accepts that the status of my house is at a display house quality? Only then I’ll settle and with a letter from our solicitor.

I might be harsh but we have given the builder all the time in the world, without harassing them to build the house, now 37 weeks later and still haven’t got handover.

We saw the builders display house and all we want is a house good enough to be like a display house, is that really too much to ask??

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