February 17, 2010

16th Week Lock Up Pics

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16th Week Lock Up Pics

Looking from the front door to the back of the house

The sarking under the colorbond roof and the whirlybird

Our beautiful bath tub


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16th Week LOCK UP Pics

The kitchen and dining room area

Looking at the kitchen from the family room

Family room

Door way to Bedrooms/Bathroom/WC and Laundry

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February 9, 2010

15th Week Final Touch Ups Before Lock Up

Since my last post, there has been a fair bit of work been done to the house.

- Plumbers come and connected most of the down pipes using the wrong colour pipes, they are getting changed over to correct colour.

- Front Portico Wall fixed and extended to right length

- Cladding has been installed to the front of house

- Quality Assessor has been through and errors corrected

- Had my own electrician come in and run all my extra cables for after handover, this has saved us thousands by doing this now and not after handover or having Metricon doing it (lights, powerpoints, alarm, tv points.....).

- Acoustic Sound Batts around all internal walls of bedroom 2,3 and 4

SS informed me today that our project goes full stream ahead as there was not much work done since Xmas.

My next Post should be of our walls covered in Plaster as they start plastering next friday.

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