August 31, 2010

44th Week We've found the right Tile

After months of searching drive all over Melbourne and trying to find a tile which wouldn't blowout our budget, we finally found the tile we both liked and most of all suited the house and colour scheme we are going for. It should look good once it's laid.

This tile will we laid in the, Entry, Lounge, Kitchen, Dinning, Family and Hall way.

Milan Black 600mm x 600mm
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August 30, 2010

44th Week Progressing Well

Tiles ordered, 6-8 week waiting period, early November.

Laundry Cupboard & WIR booked in for early September.

Ducted Heating installed, add-on ducted cooling early October (waiting for new Bonaire model to be released).

Lighting ordered, 2 week waiting period, installation mid September, including the rest of the electrical works.

Fence built along two boundaries last week, just waiting for our neighbour to our left give the go ahead to build the fence.

Hopefully the weather starts to improve and stops raining so we can make a starting on the front garden and back yard.

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August 11, 2010

41st Week Post-Handover

Since handover, we have been driving around Melbourne looking for tiles. I can’t believe how hard it is to choose tiles. We are looking for a 600 x 600 semi-polished Charcoal/Dark Grey porcelain tile. At the moment the house has all these samples of different colour tiles scattered around the house and we are constantly moving tiles around to see what they look like in different rooms and shades.

We also have done some back breaking work with trying to level the ground outside (human bobcat). The two sides of the house are done just the back and front left to do. Having wet rainy weather doesn’t help as it makes it twice as hard.

We also had a few quotes to fence off our block and we’ve had quotes ranging from $64m to $47m. It feels logical to go for the cheapest but I want a good fence that will last, so in the coming days I’ll be driving around the suburbs of Melbourne checking out the completed jobs of the fence companies before we choose. Hopefully within the coming weeks we can fence off our block.

August 2, 2010

Day 278 Handover

We finally have the keys to our brand new house.

Wow what a roller coaster of a ride building a new house, after 278 days from site start we have handover and the keys to our brand new house.

Reality still hasn’t sunken in yet as our build dragged on for 9mths and just exhausted the both of us.

Now the fun begins in chasing all the jobs that need to be done, as we now have the keys.