June 16, 2010

33rd Week Spotted a Desgin Fault

This is what I would call a design fault as the gutter system is clearly defective with the facade.

How will the builder fix this problem so the water does not overflow down the bricks and do more damage.
I emailed this picture to my SS and I hope he can come up with a solution that will fix this problem.

Compensation or Rendering or Stackstone won't stop the water from running down the bricks. This will have to be fixed before handover.

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  1. I am sorry to see you having so many problems... i myself having problems with these people and I sometime feels that i made a mistake going with them and building Soho
    Unnecessary delays, bad quality and receiving invoice (twice) for stages which are not even complete...
    Wish everything turn out fine for you...

  2. Are you building the Soho with the same facade?

    We had the same problems, getting invoiced before the stage is completed. Delays we had nearly 2mth of hardly anything being done.

  3. No I have a Metro Facade...
    3 CSC and Site manager came and left... with every new person things got delayed and they made a mess...
    for past 1 month they havent done anything,they been working on 3 stages at the same time without completing any of them...

  4. I think problem solved, my SS rang me today and told me he was at the house at the time of the heavy rain and saw that the gutter didn't have enough fall to the downpipe so it wasn't clearing the water fast enough, because he saw water running down the bricks. Lets just hope the bricks haven't changed colour due to all this water running down them since the roof was completed.

  5. I am glad everything is working out fine :) do update us about the next visit

  6. Any Update ?
    I am still chasing these ^*&%^&^ ppl to continue with the building process but every week they give me a new lame excuse.
    i have already raised it with the their building managers but i think now i have to go more higher up

  7. We have noticed that water also runs down the wall on the wall on the other side of the affected area (refer to picture above). There is also water from the portico water outlet doesn’t clear the brick pillar so the bricks now have water damage.

    It’s been 2 weeks since my first inspection and still no word from our SS when the next inspection will be.