June 1, 2010

31st Week PCI inspection

We had our inspection today 1/6 @ 11am and it looks like the inside of the house has the chickenpox, there are red dots everywhere, in every room and wall.

My partner and I combed every centermeter of every wall, it took just under 3hrs to inspect the inside.
We almost went through 2 rolls of red dots, with our SS calling me hawk eye as I was finding all these small things which you really had to look for and also found a few things questionable. It pays to read other peoples posts on building fourms and blogs.

We also had our own independant inspector as well and he inspected the outside and also the inside of the house. I recommend people to get themselves a inspector at least for the final inspection, it's money well spent and it gives you the peace of mind.

There are quite a few things which the builder has to fix from what I could gather after a short chat with our inspector, as he found quite a few minor things but we just have to wait for his report, which our SS will get a copy of.
With all these errors, who knows when handover will be, it mostly cosmetic.

We took plenty of pictures today nearly every room.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear there were so many red dots but i hope it's just cosmetic stuff that can be easily fixed and not take too long before handover.

    From the outside the house is looking fantastic.

    Soon we will be able to say "welcome to the neighbourhood" :-)

  2. As long as there's nothing too serious... pretty common for most first PCI inspections to find a lot of little things to fix, so don't let it get you down too much!

    Did M provide the light bulbs? I've heard we need to supply our own (!)

  3. Hi Hels, most of the items are cosmetic and can be easliy fixed but there are some which are more then comestic and have slight concern as our SShas said there's not much they can do and that is very worring.

    Hi Tim and Tina we did get light bulbs with our house even globes for the flood lights, which my SS thought it was strange and he had never seen it before a house with globes in it, energy saver globes as well.