March 31, 2010

22nd Week Completion Stage

My partner and I drove down to the house to see if there were any tradies onsite and hopefully they had the house open. But there was no one there today, so well walked around the house on the outside and looking in from every window to see what work has been done.

All tiling has been done in wet areas and kitchen splashback, also our garage door was installed and electrical fit off complete.

We were about to leave and I wanted to do another lap around the house and by luck our SS rocked up which was great as he let us into the house quickly to show us what work had been done, and what was to follow, unfortunately I left my camera inside the car so no pictures this week.

We were informed by our SS that a representative from Austral Bricks was coming to inspect our bricks sometime this week and hopefully come up with a solution on how to fix these bricks.

Here are picutres I took of our Bricks a few weeks back.

This is what colour our brick are meant to look like after cleaning, as this is a patch from one part of a wall.

This is what some bricks look like throughout the whole house, discoloured with an orange colour coming through it and crackes in the bricks.

Here is a pic of a wall where you can see the diffrence between the bricks

                                              Can you spot the diffrences?
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  1. Wow the difference is pretty obvious!! Yours are worse than mine colour wise, but mine have heaps more chips and cracks and general bits seeming to fall off after the pressure clean. Regretting using the nougats now!!

  2. Hi Mickeyb
    They certainly do not look like my nougats, hope this is rectified quickly for you. I did answer on the homeone forum but the thread seems to have disappeared

  3. Hi MDZZJ
    I noticed that the tread had disappeared as well, as I had a notification that someone had replied, but when I clicked on the link there was nothing there, maybe someone found offense to the tread.
    I was informed today that the brick cleaner is to come out to clean and treat the bricks a final time. The austral rep came out and gave us this method.

  4. We are about to use this brick also, and I am now wondering if we have made a really bad choice??? I love the colour, but the more research I do the more bad experiences I am hearing. Were they able to rectify the problem in the end? In our building contract is states something along the lines of "if the brickwork is not satisfactory the builder will, at his costs, either demolish and rebuild the brickwork or render the entire home." Did you have anything similar to this in your contract? What solution has your builder come up with? I'm really interested to know what would the builder do in this situation. Also, what did Austral end up saying? You would wonder how they can sell this brick if there is this many problems with it? Have you heard from anyone who has used this brick but hasn't had these problems?

    Look forward to hearing your reply,