March 24, 2010

21st Week Internal Painting

Here is our house painted on the inside

Walls are Limed White Quater
Ceilings are Vived White

As the house is quiet bright, we are thinking of doing some feature walls in a darker colour in the Family room & Lounge room and maybe in the Master bedroom.

Also our kitchen bench tops have been installed and all wet areas have been prepared for tiling.

This is one of the walls which will become a feature wall

Laundry will be changed after handover, will be adding cupboards and bench space.

One thing which we thought of doing in the laundry was adding a drain to the laundry floor, so in case the washing machine leaked or a water hose bursting water wouldn't everywhere and just be contained to the laundy by the drain, but it was to late when we thought of this as the slab as already done.

The wall with the power points will be a feature wall for the lounge room.
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  1. Wow, looks so fresh with the new paint up! We did add a floor waste to our laundry, but they've put it in the wrong spot - located under the laundry cupboard! Horizontal feature windows looking good too!

    Keep up the pictures, we're a few months behind you - hoping to get to lockup by end of April.