April 22, 2010

25th Week Completion Stage

Our House almost completed

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We are still waiting on a mirror for the ensuite, the house to be cleaned on the inside, bricks to be re-cleaned and Metricon to inspect the house before we have our PCI, we are looking at around 2-3 weeks until the PCI, but still to date for handover.


  1. looks fantastic...cant believe it is nearly finished. how exciting.
    thanks for sharing the journey

  2. Looking great so far, can't wait to see the completed pics :)

  3. It looks lovely. Congratulations. Any update on the brick situation? Have they been able to fix them or come up with some sort of resolution?


  4. The bricks are now fixed, execpt the front part of the house were the bricks are a brownish colour, this is due to them being wet. There is a design fault with the house as water runs off the flushing and down the bricks. This is what our SS told us was the reason, I thought it was a test patch. It has to be fixed no matter what excuse they give me.