January 27, 2010

13th Week Still no sign of Lock Up

Happy New Year 2010

It’s been awhile since my last post and that’s due to not much work has really happened on the house.

What has happened since my last post?

• Work has started on the Portico

• Site Cleaned

• Bricks Cleaned

• Telstra cable installed

• Wall studs marked on the slab

• Inspector spray painting the house with Fluro Pink paint (lots of mistakes inside and outside)

The most frustrating thing I’m finding is our roof still looks the same from the 6th week as we are now in the 13th week and roof still not completed.

Now that the bricks have been cleaned with the acid, they have changed colour and look nothing like the way they did before. We are still waiting for the bricks to be neutralised and I hope that fixes the colour up a bit.

We’ve been informed that the plans are hard to read, this is why there have been a few structural errors on the house. If the tradies are struggeling to read the plans, ring the builder to confirm measurments, can't be that hard!!!

List of some errors

• House slab was built around 120mm to short right where the front door goes, error fixed with an engineer’s certificate.

• Front portico wall was built short about 120mm; SS informed us that this will be fixed and according to plan, this should be completed by the first week of February.

• Wrong colour downpipes, contract states Colorbond Dune and they installed Woodland Grey.

• Bricks have lost their coating and mortar gone missing since cleaning

Take away all the errors and the frustration our build is going well, our relationship with our SS is good, and he also has allowed me to do extra work before the plaster goes up, which is going to save us heaps of money after hand over. He has allowed me to install Acoustic batts in some of the internal walls and also run some extra electrical cables with the condition that they cannot be poked through until after handover, I can live with that.

Hopefully on my next post I can say we have Lock Up and at Fixing Stage

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