December 23, 2009

8th Week Brick work completed

We had our meeting with our SS yesterday and we were told that brickwork would be completed by the end of the day.

We have to wait until the portico is built before the roof can be completed, but still confused on why there are still two sheets still missing on the roof; and what affected this will have on the portico not being completed?

I went to the block earlier today to move unused bricks to the back of the block, as our SS had informed us that at some stage before New Years a bobcat will be coming in to clean up the block.

As my next blog will not be until the New Year, I wish everyone a Merry Xmas and safe holiday period.


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  1. Our build so far has gone great, we have had a errors along the way which have now been picked up and fixed.

    Our SS is great we get along well which has helped with the stress of building.
    We have lately come across a big issue with our bricks, as one side of the house (the side facing the street) the bricks have patches of orange colour coming through the bricks, this may be due to the incorrect cleaning method used. I have no idea how the builder is going to rectify this problem as we are not going to accept it.

    How are your building plans coming along??