February 9, 2010

15th Week Final Touch Ups Before Lock Up

Since my last post, there has been a fair bit of work been done to the house.

- Plumbers come and connected most of the down pipes using the wrong colour pipes, they are getting changed over to correct colour.

- Front Portico Wall fixed and extended to right length

- Cladding has been installed to the front of house

- Quality Assessor has been through and errors corrected

- Had my own electrician come in and run all my extra cables for after handover, this has saved us thousands by doing this now and not after handover or having Metricon doing it (lights, powerpoints, alarm, tv points.....).

- Acoustic Sound Batts around all internal walls of bedroom 2,3 and 4

SS informed me today that our project goes full stream ahead as there was not much work done since Xmas.

My next Post should be of our walls covered in Plaster as they start plastering next friday.

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  1. Hello,

    very interesting post and the house looks good. Have couple of questions.

    - how much would be the cost difference of getting the cabling done by your electrician as oppose to Metricon doing it ?

    - also I like all the upgrade you have done some of the things I had never thought about. How good/bad is metricon when it comes to upgrade in terms of cost.

    - how is your experience of using metricon?

    I will be building at the end of the year and seriously contemplating on using Metricon.

  2. Hi Nilang Shah

    Firstly my build is going great, there are problems with very build doesn’t matter who’s the builder as long as you keep on top of them you should be fine.

    My Site Supervisor is great we get along well and I think that’s the key to a good build.

    I can say Metricon have been great to build with to date. Give yourself plenty of time to build, my own opinion.

    Metricon charges a bit for upgrades, but so do other builders 35%-50% mark up, the price for having it all done at handover.

    Majority of our upgrades are structural as they can’t be done after handover or some upgrades workout to cost nearly the same as Metricon after doing all the sums.

    Getting your own electrician in after handover would be cheaper than the builder, but if your SS allows you to do electrical works before lock up, you save heaps more.
    You must have your SS promising to do this as I’ve hear stories of the builder ripping out unauthorised work.

    Good Luck

  3. Thanks for a really informative blog and for going to the time to write up all of your choices. It's one thing to gaze longingly at a glossy web site, it's another to see and follow the real deal. Is it too rude to ask what do you estimate the final cost of building the Soho will be if you don't include the cost of the land and the more personal touches? It is a fabulous design with the more edgy facade, you must be looking forward to moving in.

  4. Hi Noah
    Thank you for the positive feedback and I do hope you enjoy my blog.
    What is the Soho going to cost us? The million dollar question!!!
    Taking out personal touches it could cost us around $300k.
    There are four major jobs which we are doing after handover as we took them off the contract as we could get a better price on better quality, except electrical we only did a few upgrades with the builder and doing the rest after handover.
    - Driveway
    - Heating & Cooling
    - Carpet
    - Tiling
    - Electricals (which we've already run cables)