October 19, 2010

51st Week Getting There!!!

It’s been awhile since my last post, but there has been a fair bit of progress, it’s coming along nicely, the only annoying thing is when tradies chip or scratch something and don’t have the decency to tell you.

We’ve managed to concrete the alfresco area and add on outside entertainment area.

Laundry cupboard installed and the plumbing and tile splash back finally completed.

WIR installed and all holes and plaster damaged fixed, just need to do some sanding and a nice fresh coat of paint and then it’s all complete.

The front facade is now all rendered and what a big difference render makes, the house looks amazing and a different house all together.

Our electrician finally came over on the weekend and installed all extra power points and all the internal lighting and flood lights.

Portico is all tiled, which means we can make a start on the driveway, as the tiles will sit flush with the concrete. We’re off today to have a look at what colour and style of exposed aggregate we want for a driveway. We also have to change the design of the driveway as I noticed yesterday when I parked in the proposed driveway it wasn’t wide enough for two cars to park.

Still waiting for the Bonaire add-on inverter Air Con to be released onto the market so it can be installed. I was told is was going to be released at the start of October, so I rang the supplier last week and they don't even know when it will be released, Not Happy. Tiles should of arrived this week, but there was a 2 week shipping delay, so fingers crossed by the end of the month, once I get the confirmation that they have arrived we’ll book in our tiler. Driveway, Front garden, Back yard, Carpet, Curtains, Feature walls and anything else that has skipped my mind, still to be done.

Will post pictures soon I promise!

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