November 27, 2009

5th Week House Frame

The house frame went up pretty fast, it took the chippys just over a week

It's slowly taking shape and starting to look like a house

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  1. hi, I found your blog after doing a search for nougat stone bricks on the net! found the forum and your link at the bottom of your post. I then saw the house (the show home house) and went...NO WAY, that is the exact picture I have in my 'ideas' book for houses that I have been collecting here in nz for our new home...I saw it in a mag over here..didnt realise it was a show home in oz. I liked the natural colours of it..I want a door and garage in wood look aluminium, my joinery is white but we are having siena schist (by austral) and today I found a brick to go with it...double height nougat and the rest is history! I love your blog and have bookmarked it, keep up the great work and look forward to seeing it finished soon. we start building here at the top of nz next year. I am using the designa schist on some bays we are having and the nougat on the rest of the house and dark (black really) tiles, like slate. cheers, Nicola